3-Ply Face Mask - Assorted Colors
3-Ply Face Mask - Assorted Colors
Product image 13-Ply Face Mask - Assorted Colors
Product image 23-Ply Face Mask - Assorted Colors

3-Ply Face Mask - Assorted Colors

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  • 3-layers of protection
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency greater than 95% (BFE>95%)
  • High particle filtration
  • High quality meltblown filter for high level of protection
  • Nose clip design for tight and secure fit to the face
  • Elastic ear loop for long lasting comfort
  • Three dimensional Space allows for more breathing room without touching the lips
  • Each box includes 10 masks of each color: black, green, blue, burgundy, turquoise, and orange.


3 -layers of protection

We've designed our masks with a three level protection system. The middle layer, the meltblown filter, is the most important layer. It is the key to blocking micro particles from passing through the mask to the wearer. We use only the highest grade density meltblown filter to prevent the smallest particle and bacteria from passing through. We also electro-statically charge our meltblown filter to ensure particles stays caught like magnet.

  • Non-woven Layer – First layer of protection. Filters large particles, and blocks water, blood, & body fluids.
  • Meltblown Filter – 25g enhanced thickness meltblown filter that are eletro-statically charged to catch & filter out the smallest bacteria, particles, pollen, & allergens.
  • Soft Absorbent Non-woven Layer – Comfortably soft and skin friendly fabric that absorbs water, sweat, and saliva.

High comfort level

  • Aluminum nose clip design allows for a tight and secure fit.
  • Elastic ear loop design makes it easy to wear with comfort lasting for hours.
  • Our mask's three-dimentional shape gives you more breathing room for maximum comfort.


All our masks go through the most stringent tests at FDA certified labs. We performed tests on bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) with differential pressure on the latest ASTM standards recommended by the FDA. You can trust our masks will protect you from harmful airborne diseases.

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